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The Web is one of the Internet services, which is used primarily as a means for businesses to communicate with clients.

Unlike other media, the Internet provides an interaction with the user in the fastest possible way - just one "click" and you are about to get the wanted information.

People who build web sites are web designers and developers, however, as with any complex software application, web sites include:

  • natural information such as text, images, and sounds
  • code or markup that defines structure, presentation, etc.
  • web browsers, media players, and other "user agents"
  • users' knowledge, experiences, and in some cases, adaptive strategies using the Web
  • authoring tools - software that creates web sites
  • evaluation tools - web accessibility evaluation tools, HTML validators, CSS validators, etc.

Therefore, to build a 'modern' web site, the designer must know both, information technology as well as design.
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